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Fair use policy

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The rules for OKiU Network groups on Telegram

Access to Graphics

All current Graphics submitted are accessible via the appropriate links provided in the group.
New submissions not yet in our database will remain pending until verification and processing are complete.
This protocol may lead to certain accounts being restricted and subsequent Graphics files not being delivered.


Link Policy

We strongly encourage the use of clean links from recognized sources such as
FP or EE.
Please avoid country-specific links as much as possible.


Premium Support

For superior support, we recommend purchasing a premium account through our official bot:


Terms of Service (TOS)

Accounts lacking a username are required to agree to our Terms of Service and wait for a 2-minute period to reduce the potential for abuse.


OKiU acquires profiles for individual use and shares them altruistically.
If misuse leads to account suspension or bans, OKiU is not responsible.
Should your purchased premium account become banned, OKiU assumes no responsibility.

We are committed to upholding a professional standard in our services.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.